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Welcome to the fascinating world of My Traveling Troop, where every page is a chronicle of our adventures, moves and discoveries in different parts of the world!

In 2011, I decided to join my husband, following him on his service in the US Navy, which took us from picturesque California to breathtaking Singapore. It was a decision emphasised by love and a desire to see the world with my family.

I am now enjoying my freelance writing, exploring new aspects of life in Southeast Asia, mastering my expat status, and of course, exciting travelling with my husband and our two little explorers.

Some incidents and interesting moments in my life:

  1. Unforeseen Challenge

Sudden challenges can be a reality for mums, especially during periods when children are sick. For example, in the middle of an important work meeting, you could get a call from the school that your child is not feeling well and requires your attention. In such cases, a mum has to instantly switch from her professional role to that of a caring mother.

  1. Multitasking with High Expectations

Mums tend to face the need for multitasking. For example, in the morning, you may be preparing breakfast, dressing your children, checking their homework, and answering important work emails, all at the same time. This ability to quickly switch between different responsibilities is becoming an integral part of the lives of mums who are looking to meet both professional and family needs.

These cases highlight that mums often have to adapt to change, deal with unexpected situations and manage their time and resources effectively in order to provide care for their children and successfully fulfil their professional responsibilities.

I will be posting more posts in the future where I will share my experiences and tips on travelling, family life and adapting to new cultural realities. I invite you to travel and discover the world with us!

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