If your military family has questions, stories or tips about moving, living and traveling around the world, My Traveling Troop would love to hear from you!

Maybe you just moved to Japan and had a funny story about the plane ride, chopsticks and a sumo wrestler?

Perhaps you traveled to Europe for the first time and didn’t realize until you got there that you were lactose intolerant. Wouldn’t you love to share how you survived the trip?

Or, you just got stationed somewhere in the U.S. and had to fly across the country. By yourself. With five screaming kids.

If you’re willing to share your stories or tips, you have two options:

1- Write a post about your experience. Before you write up the post, though, email a brief pitch for consideration.

2- Not a writer? No problem! Send a brief email my way about what you’d like to share with My Traveling Troop’s readers, and I’ll consider interviewing you.

If you simply have questions about moving, living and traveling around the world as a military family, email your questions and I’ll try to help you tackle them.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you!