Five Tips for Solving Sibling Squabbles

In your perfect family trip to London, kids will be too busy enjoying the city they’re visiting to fight with each other, and too tired at the end of a long day of sightseeing to do anything but sleep.

But the downside to single parent travel in London is the TMT syndrome, or “Too Much Togetherness”. And after a week or two of spending 24/7 as a group, nerves can start to fray.

So to help you have a fun-filled family vacation in London with your kids, here are five tips to keep the peace between siblings:

Give kids space

If possible, rent a flat, house or suite when you travel, with at least one separate bedroom where children can retreat to if they need some alone time. Encourage them to take breaks from each other.

Pre-plan days out

Sit down as a group prior to visiting London’s large attractions like museums, amusement parks, or art galleries and decide what exhibits to visit before you arrive. You’ll avoid public squabbles and bad moods if seeing the dinosaurs before Ancient Egypt is hashed out beforehand.


Visit a toy store early in your trip to buy something new for each child. For older kids, purchasing a few new magazines or books will give them something to do on their own.


Bring a laptop or two, and favorite DVDs and games from home as alternate entertainment stations if kids can’t come to a consensus on what to watch on television.

Slow the pace

Jet-lag and long days out sightseeing are exhausting and lead to crabby, overtired kids. It’s hard when you’re in a new city for a short period of time to make sure everyone gets downtime, but adequate rest puts everyone in a good mood, which means more fun days and great family memories.

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