Museums Perfect for Kids in Sydney Australia

When travelling with children, it can be hard to juggle what they want to do and what you want to do. Sometimes you may find yourself struggling to keep them entertained as they become restless wandering around without any stimulus. If you are travelling to Sydney with children then be sure to stop off at any of the locations here as the kids will love what they have to offer and you can rest easy knowing that they are enjoying themselves.

Nicholson Museum

Inside the Nicholson Museum you will find an exhibit of the coliseum that lives in Rome, Italy. However, it is not the same one as this is a perfect replica of the same structure but built in Lego pieces. Coinciding with the museum’s 50 stories as well as 50 object exhibitions, Lego lovers of all ages will enjoy this very impressive take on ancient Roman History.

Macleay Museum

Wandering around this museum in the University of Sydney will transport you and your children to a world of insects, spiders and crustaceans which are sure to keep the children entertained. With over 600,000 insects on display from all over the world, the Macleay Museum can be a great educational morning or afternoon spent exploring.

The highlight of this museum which will keep your children quiet is the Morpho butterfly whose wings will change color and the patterns will change shape based on differing wave lengths and the angle of the observer.

Manly Sea Life Sanctuary

Renamed and rebranded from the OceanWorld Manly, this sanctuary is home to numerous species of marine life including a pack of ten strong Little Penguin colonies which your children will adore. The sanctuary also offers you a chance to see how they treat ailing marine life back to health in their Rehab Room making a visit here quite educational.

For those who are brave enough, there are also opportunities for you to go diving in some of the tanks such as the shark tanks.

Australian Museum

Continuing with the water theme, a trip to the Australian Museum will give you the chance to check out the Deep Oceans exhibit which will allow you to see the kind of species that live at sea levels so deep that you would need submarine to explore.

The exhibits show you some of the weird and rare creatures that live down there, such as the vampire squid, the sea mouse, squat lobster and the blob fish, and you and the kids will be fascinated by how some of the species at the bottom of the oceans look. You can find great offers on flights to Sydney at meaning you can save money before you even set off!

Madame Tussauds

Everyone knows what Madame Tussards is all about and a trip to the museum in Sydney will give your children the opportunity to get photos with their favorite celebrities. From Hugh Jackman in Wolverine or Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, the children will love wandering around and seeing their favorite hero’s in wax form. Madame Tussauds is also located right next to the Aquarium so after you have finished here you can walk next door for some more activities your kids will love.


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