Weird Stuff My Kids Say

Today, my oldest girl, who is 10, came to me and said, “In our next house, I would like my room to be in the bathroom.”


Yes. IN the Bathroom.

OK, I’ll bite. “Why?”

“Because it is so cozy in there, and when I get cold, I can just jump in the shower.”

I can’t even reply.


Next, my little one trots up happily, takes a look at me and says, “It looks like you’re growing a beard.”

Who are these children and where did they come from?

Some days I truly wonder how they arrive at a statement. What chain of thoughts brought them to the moment when strange things come pouring out their sweet little mouths?

I do remember being a child. I suppose I remember sometimes even saying strange things.

I just don’t know if I have inadvertently passed this verbal anomaly down to my children through genes or example. Or maybe it is just all children.

As you can see… they constantly baffle me.

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