Travel With My One Year Old

Ok, last travel post for a bit. I had planned to write this last Friday, but we all know those days were lost to tennis.

We are incredibly blessed to have the resources to take advantage of some great travel while here on Guam. Before we found out I was pregnant we had planned on several trips while we were here, and after we found out we were going to be parents we were determined not to let it slow us down. News flash, non-mommy Pam: Babies slow you down. Waaaaay down. Regardless, we’ve still gotten a couple great trips in and, while our China trip was less “Relaxing Exotic Destination” and more “Survivor: Crying, Breastfeeding Five Month Old in a Busy Non-English Speaking City,” I really can say that Australia was a relaxing trip for us. Not the sleep until ten, do adventurous things on a whim, days of old, but still low stress and enjoyable. Back when Eli was two months old I shared my tips for traveling with a two month old, and here are some things that make it easier for us to travel with our one year old.

  • Be realistic with your destinations. Several months ago we started planning a trip to Palau with some friends. We really wanted to go, but the more we thought about it, the more it didn’t make sense. Plenty of people take great trips to Palau with their babies, but I would have been stuck at the hotel most days while E went diving, and this was at a time when Little E still wasn’t a very happy person. I just knew that I wouldn’t enjoy it and we couldn’t justify the cost for the experience so E will probably head out there after the baby and I go back to the states. I’m insanely jealous that I wont be seeing beautiful Palau and we felt terrible backing out on our friends, but we had to do what was best for us and Little E.
  • Pace yourself. There was so much we wanted to do in Australia that we didn’t get to do. Time wise we definitely could have squeezed more in, but we would have had an exhausted, cranky baby on our hands and we wouldn’t have gotten to enjoy the extra stuff anyway. We instead opted for a lighter schedule and a happy baby, which resulted in us being “two week whirlwind trip” tired and not “wrangled a rabid bear” tired.
  • Be prepared to be very entertaining. We brought a couple of Little E’s favorite toys and a couple of new ones. And I can’t recommend this book enough. It was seriously a life saver on the flights. Eli was hilariously amused by it-so much so that we had to order another since the first one got loved on so much.

I promise I’m not getting kickbacks for mentioning this, I’m just passing on a piece of advice that we got from a friend that we’re very thankful for. Actually, our awesome neighbors gave us more than just advice-they let us borrow their GoGo Babyz and we had ordered our own before we even got home from Australia. If you’re buying your kid a seat on the plane or you plan on gate checking his seat, this thing is awesome!

  • Go packing pouches. Little E is mostly on table foods at home, but I’m still a huge fan of baby food pouches when we’re on the go. Turns out Australia is on the organic pouch baby food wagon so we were able to restock there, but we still brought a couple dozen pouches (Earth’s Best and Plum Organics are our favorites) to supplement the pizza Little E swiped off our plates while we were away.

I think that’s it! I wouldn’t say that traveling with a one month old is easier than traveling with a newborn or five month old, but it’s definitely simpler. What I mean by that is there was a lot less special prep and we needed a lot less stuff. Australia was our last family trip before we leave Guam, but we do hope to take a few vacations stateside before the next babies join the family. Here’s hoping travel just keeps getting easier!

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