Hello Bali

When a good friend of mine called a few months ago and asked if My Traveling Troop would be interested in joining her family for a vacation in Bali, Indonesia, I immediately said yes!

There were many factors that allowed me to quickly agree. First of all, I’ve been dreaming of visiting the island ever since reading about the romantic location in the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. My friend Sapna already chose the flight and hotel, so I didn’t have to spend hours researching. And, Bali is only about a two and a half hour flight away from Singapore — so close it would be a crime not to visit. Finally, I was about to re-enter the work force and the trip seemed like a great way to spend quality time with my family and friends before the nine to five life took over.

Once we arrived in Bali, our families spent most of our days splashing around the Hard Rock Hotel pool and our evenings listening to a band serenade guests at the hotel bar. With rocking music, good food, excellent pool facilities, water slides, and a kids club, it would have been easy to never leave the Hard Rock Hotel in the Kuta enclave. But at some point during our vacation, the moms decided to escape the hotel and say hello to Bali.

For a mere US$40, Sapna and I hired a driver to take us around the island for about six hours for a mix of culture, dining, and shopping. Here are some of the highlights of our tour:

A market in Ubud.

Drums made of mahogany and animal skin.


Entrance of a temple in Ubud.
Balinese food at Grand Puncak Sari Restaurant.


The view while we dined? An active volcano!


Rice terraces.




An offering in front of a market vendor. (I found offerings like this in front of most shops and market vendors in Bali.)


Have you ever traveled to Bali? Or is it on your wish list?

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