Singapore Brunch Spot: Spruce

One my favorite things to do on the weekend with my family is go to brunch. Unfortunately, we've been in a restaurant funk lately, frequenting the same brunch spot over and over again. Who can blame us? It's a miracle when we find a restaurant that the whole family enjoys.

That said, I am tired of visiting the same place each weekend. So, it's time to spread our restaurant wings and see what family-friendly brunch spots are out there in Singapore. Each time My Traveling Troop finds one we enjoy, I'll share our experience with you here.

I decided my family's first foray into the brunch dining scene here in Singapore should take place at Spruce.

The restaurant, which serves American cuisine, has two locations. We opted for the restaurant in Phoenix Park (off Tanglin Road), because online reviews mentioned the food was good and that the restaurant had a playground for little kids -- a winning combo in my opinion.

Once we arrived at Spruce on a late Sunday afternoon, I noticed that the restaurant was packed and secretly gave myself props for making a reservation.

We were seated in the covered outdoor section of the restaurant, protected from the unrelenting sun. Surrounded by trees and perched on top of a hill, I felt like I was in a tree house. I think my five year old daughter shared my sentiment as she happily played with leaves the wind blew onto our table.

With the bustling and woodsy atmosphere getting my approval, I decided to turn my attention to the drinks and food.

My husband and I ordered the Signature Spruce Bloody Mary to start. We've tasted the tomato-based cocktail at different brunch spots all over the world and have yet to encounter a recipe we didn't like. Unfortunately, we both thought our drinks at Spruce didn't taste right. To me, the Bloody Mary had an earthy after taste, but not in a good way. Did the drink taste off because of a bartender mistake or an unsavory ingredient? We didn't ask, but definitely should have.

Famished, we focused on the food menu. I was torn between ordering a brunch classic such as the Crab Cake Benny -- which features ciabatta bread, crab cake, poached egg, bacon and hollandaise -- or the Signature Spruce Ahi Tuna Tartar with toasted ciabatta and avocado. The waiter suggested the latter, and I agreed to order it, especially since I thought the dish would be refreshing on such a hot day. Thankfully, the ahi tuna tartar dish was good. I would definitely order it again.

Meanwhile, my husband ordered the tuna burger and my daughter chose the cheese burger off the kids menu. Both of them said they enjoyed their food. Of course, I had to take a bite out of each dish to make sure my husband and daughter were right in their assessment and they were. Being a taste tester is a tough job, but some one has to do it! :)

By the time we finished our meal, my daughter was antsy, especially after catching a peak at the playground and children playing below. Since we were sitting outside and had a view of the playground, we decided to let her join the other kids while us adults sipped on our respective coffee drinks. (The iced mocha is delicious, by the way).

The playground isn't big or impressive in design, but it was a treat for my daughter to have somewhere to play and run around before we drove all the way back home.

So, what is the final verdict? Would we recommend your family visit Spruce? Absolutely! The atmosphere, food, service, and playground are definitely worth a visit. Just promise us you'll skip the Bloody Mary.

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