Moving Mondays: New Place, New Wardrobe

Some of the clothing and accessory companies present at the shopping event I attended last week:
White Ginger clothing, Stones that Rock jewelry and Trammabags.

One of the things I scribble on my to-do list each time I move is "get a new wardrobe" --  not because I'm a shopoholic, but because each place I've lived in over the past few years featured a different climate or the move coincided with a new phase in my life.

For example, when I lived in the Washington, D.C., area I worked full time and the clothing options in my closet reflected that. But when I moved to Monterey, Calif., I decided to stay at home with my daughter and those blazers and pencil skirts in my closet just didn't work at the playground.

Now, I'm in Singapore and starting my wardrobe all over again. Why? Well first of all, it's blazing hot here. I'm also slowly getting my pre-baby body back and it's time I step out of my maternity gear.

Shopping in a foreign country can be a drag, though, especially when you don't know where to look. But recently, I caught wind of a shopping event at a private residence in Singapore, featuring clothing and accessory companies that sell items tailor made for women living in this sort of climate. Jack pot!

I ended up walking away from the shopping event with a brightly-colored tunic and matching shorts that I purchased from White Ginger -- an outfit I wouldn't have gotten much mileage out of in chilly Monterey. But here in hot Singapore, I can wear the outfit to the pool, playground or even out to lunch with friends.

A little birdie told me there will be more of these shopping events at private residences, organizations and fairs in the New Year. I could definitely use a few more outfits and accessories, so sign me up!

Have you ever had to make a big change to your wardrobe due to a move? What are your tips for starting over again?

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  1. Any excuse to buy new clothes is good in my book! :)

  2. Oooh, I really like this idea! Especially since I'll be moving to Paris in the fall :p

    the worldling


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