Trailside Cafe & San Carlos Beach

Beautiful weather embraced Monterey, Calif., while my mom was in town visiting us. As a result, we tried to spend as much time outdoors as possible. On my mom's first day here, I took her to the Trailside Cafe for brunch.

The restaurant, which is located right off the recreation trail, has charming outdoor seating. While there, we enjoyed decent ocean views (you just have to ignore the parking lot across the street and focus on the water). The seating area is also surrounded by beautiful plants, making us feel relaxed and protected from the runners and cyclists zooming by on the trail.

Despite the restaurant's proximity to Cannery Row, the atmosphere didn't feel touristy. In fact, I could tell from customers' conversations that quite a few were locals. The food is also good. I loved the huevos rancheros. If I could fit more food in my belly, I would have tried the beignets too. :)

Once my mom and I finished our meals, we soaked up the sun while walking along the recreation trail. Eventually, we reached San Carlos Beach. Isn't it lovely?

My mom and I noticed there were tables just above the beach -- the perfect place to enjoy unobstructed ocean views and a picnic. We made a pact to return the next day.

What do you like to do with your family and friends on a beautiful, sunny day?


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  1. Oh California Sunshine is Amazing! I truly miss the beach and warm weather. 2.5 years left and counting.

    Wished when we were there we visited that Restaurant the food looks mouth watering Amazing!

    Miss you!



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