Paddle Boats In Monterey

I've passed by the paddle boats floating on Lake El Estero in Monterey, Calif., numerous times. But I've never hopped on one, because I was either in the middle of a run around the lake or busy chasing my daughter at the nearby Dennis the Menace Playground. With my fun-loving sister in town recently, I decided it was time to give the paddle boats a try.

We purchased tickets at the little blue building on the lake's edge. A half-hour session on a paddle boat costs $17, which seemed pricey to me. Thankfully, I got a little break on the price and only paid $15 with a military discount. Now, it was time to see if the price was worth the experience.

My sister, daughter and I giggled as we paddled around in little circles until we figured out how to steer the boat. Once we got the hang of it, we were off to explore the lake. My sister and I peddled while my daughter took over as captain, helping us steer the paddle boat and determine where we should go. First, she wanted to chase the birds. Then, she wanted to get a close up look at the Dennis the Menace Playground she loves so much.

Personally, I was interested checking out a little island on the lake. I've always wondered if there was space on the island for romantic picnic or a fun gathering with friends.

Unfortunately, no such luck. There was a sign that said to keep off the island. Apparently, it was a wild-life habitat and I believed it. The island is packed with trees and I can only imagine that they would attract animals.

Have you ever gone on a paddle boat ride? Where did you hop on one and what was your experience like?


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    Glad I came across your blog - I have several military friends who have recently relocated to Monterey for a tour of duty there. We thought we might be heading there - it was on our list of potentials - but we got the East Coast instead!

    I love how vibrant your photos are! What camera do you use?


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