Moving Mondays: A Little Relief

A scene from my recent run in Carmel, Calif. Who wouldn't feel zen after seeing this?

I have to admit, there are days when I don't want to do a darn thing about My Traveling Troop's overseas move. Sometimes, I just need to relax. On days like that, I love to go for a long run along the coast line. The beautiful scenery and sound of the ocean waves soothes me. Or, I'll meet a friend for coffee -- preferably someone going through the moving process too -- so we can commiserate about the whole ordeal and give each other much needed encouragement and hugs. Hello Erika!

Of course, there are days when I do feel like focusing on the move and getting excited about living in another country. That's when I tackle my moving to do list (like today) or hole up in a cafe and read travel guides and newspaper articles about the country (like yesterday).

What helps you get through a big move?


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  1. oh, Kristina, you lifted my spirits with your photo and encouraging words. I'm going to miss you when we move apart, but look forward to a possible visit! Thanks for posting this, E.

  2. Let's see...to get prepared for my last move I went online and found a great blog to school me on the area...yours!! :) To actually get me through the move itself - wine! :) I love the idea of getting out for a run to quiet your mind. And you've got some great scenery there. I think I missed the move destination somewhere...? Where are you headed? I can't wait to read all about your new home.

  3. I like your way, make and tackle that moving list some days and cozy up in a cafe others to research you next stop! Good luck with your move ;)

    I tagged you to answer some questions next time you want to procrastinate!



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