Butterflies In Pacific Grove

My Traveling Troop at the Monarch Grove Sanctuary. The sanctuary's small entrance
is located on Ridge Rd., tucked behind the Pacific Grove Adult Education building
and Butterfly Grove Inn.

My Traveling Troop last weekend visited the Monarch Grove Sanctuary in Pacific Grove, Calif. A few orange and black Monarch Butterflies greeted us as soon as we stepped outside of the car, offering a hint of what was to come.

As we walked toward a grove of pine and eucalyptus trees, we saw hundreds of butterflies batting their wings in the tree tops and sailing through the sky. My photos don't do the butterflies justice. I wonder how the photos of a gentleman present at the sanctuary that day turned out. He had a camera with a lens as long as my toddler! Thankfully, two butterflies landed on the ground during our visit and decided to stay put long enough for me to snap a close up photo. Thank goodness for butterfly mating! :)

Of course, our daughter had the best view of the butterflies in the whole sanctuary. My smart little one simply laid down on the ground and watched the show above.

The sanctuary is free, although there is a donation box on hand. During our visit, there were also photos showing the life cycle of the Monarch Butterflies. I also saw a gentleman in a khaki uniform who seemed willing to answer visitors' questions.

My family wrapped up our visit with a walk through the grove, as well as more butterfly gazing and photo taking.

I would definitely recommend a visit if you are looking for something to do on a sunny day. But make sure you visit soon, because by March most butterflies take off for their spring migration, according to the sanctuary's website.

P.S. I'm not the only blogger in the area who has visited the Monarch Butterflies lately. Check out the post of Staci, the blogger behind Following the Drum, for more pictures and her family's experience at the sanctuary!


  1. Loved the pictures of Bella in her butterfly wings!! They go so well with the tutu and boots!! She has such style and panache. The other pix and the butterflies were beautiful, too, but Bella steals the show.


  2. Hi, Kristina! I'm currently working on a research paper, but thought I'd stop by your page to check out what new things you guys have been up to. The Monarch Garden looks beautiful! I live in Pacific Grove, and still haven't checked it out yet (shame on me)! I'm also surprised to see how much Bella has grown, and look at that hair :-) Well, I just wanted to say hello! Hope to see you around town!


  3. The Monarchs come right to our house on the way to Mexico I guess, anyway it is a beautiful site for about a week every year. :)

  4. Since I live in California, this is definitely on my to do list. How incredible to see all those beautiful butterflies in one place and your daughter's outfit was perfect for the theme of the day! Hopefully, next year.

  5. I love visiting the monarch butterflies with my family when we head out to California. It's such a beautiful place. Your daughter is adorable!

  6. Alas, Michigan has no such place. I love how border around your photos and your little girl's personality! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What beautiful pictures and what a fun family trip!

    Hope you have a wonderful SITS day!

  8. Dear Kristen, I just came over from SITS. What a wonderful post! All those butterflies are beautiful...looks like you had a wonderful time. And your little one is adorable. She reminds me of my daughter when she was little. She too had a pair of butterfly wings!
    Blessings my friend, Catherine xo

  9. This would be heaven for me and my camera! We had a butterfly exhibit at the zoo, but it moved and I'm going to the new location this summer. Very excited about the trip!

    Thanks for sharing!! And Happy SITS Day!!!

  10. So beautiful! Visiting from SITS

  11. It looks like a great place to visit. And I think your daughter had the right idea.

  12. OMG she looks so sweet with those butterfly wings!! It looks like you had a great time.

    And yeah, thank God for butterfly mating. :-)

    Happy SITS day.

  13. I love Monarch butterflies! Did you know they migrate to the same places year after year? When I was a news reporter, I did a story on one random family who had thousands of monarchs visit their suburbia home every year for a week! Crazy!

    Happy blogging and happy creating!

  14. Great post. Although I have to say, the prettiest butterfly of all was Bella. That's the coolest thing about kids; how they'll "theme up", requesting to dress theme appropriate whenever they go somewhere, making it such an event (I'm an event planner, so I notice these kinds of things!) - which is why kids are just so cool.

    I don't know if you know the answer to this question, but I just have to ask...

    Was there any mention of butterflies bringing or being "good luck". I have no idea of that's true, but it's what I choose to believe. I guess that's the kid in me, shining through.

    I enjoyed going on this butterfly escapade with you. Thanks!


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