Moving Mondays: Bella's Birthday

A year ago this month, My Traveling Troop moved to Monterey, Calif., and we didn't know a soul. As a result, our daughter Bella celebrated her birthday with a bunch of movers, boxes and fish. On Saturday, however, we knew enough people to throw a pirate-princess party for her special day.

Adults and children crammed into our small home to wish our daughter a Happy Birthday. Swords were wielded, wands waved and bubbles filled the air. Kids also colored wooden pirates and princesses, while their parents chatted away. As my husband and I scooped up our daughter to blow out her candles, we looked around our home and our hearts warmed. We were surrounded by wonderful friends -- the kind we could count on whether we needed anything from a cup of sugar and birthday fun to advice and a helping hand. What a difference a year makes!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful little girl!


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  1. What cute idea for Bella's Party. Love everything, Adorable.

    Hope your move goes smoothly!


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