Jogging In Santa Barbara, Calif.

Every week, my husband and I love jogging past the beaches, cliffs and recreation trail overlooking Monterey Bay. But it’s also fun to run in other cities and discover what makes them so unique.
While on vacation recently in Santa Barbara, my husband and I ran every morning along the bike path that follows East Cabrillo Boulevard and the city’s sandy beaches. 
We would start our run near East Beach Grill, a restaurant located at 1118 East Cabrillo Boulevard, and run west for 20 minutes. Then, we would head back to where we started. Along the way, we caught glimpses of things that we don’t see often in Monterey, if at all.
For example, we saw towering palm trees...

and a vehicle that clearly belonged to someone who loved to collect things:

We noticed a skate park, where kids no taller than my waist were learning how to skateboard. (I am about 5 feet, 7 inches tall.) And we watched young kids learn what it takes to be a lifeguard.

My favorite part of the run, of course, was when we finished it. After all, that's when we got to reward ourselves with breakfast and a panoramic view of the ocean while sitting outdoors at East Beach Grill. 

I think Bella, who was stuck in the jogging stroller during our daily jogs, loved the opportunity to escape the stroller and hang out at a play structure that was located next to the restaurant. 

Do you like to run while on vacation? 


  1. I wouldn't say I "like" it, but I try to do it, especially if it's a relaxing beach vacation where we're drinking fruity drinks all day while laying roasting in the sun. If it's a vacation where we're walking around all day seeing the sights, then no, no running.

  2. Those pictures are awesome. I've never been to California, but your photos capture just how I picture it to be!

  3. This is such a cute blog. I love jogging the boulevard along the beach in Santa Barbara whenever I'm in town. Especially on a sunny day it is one of the best views! I was just in Santa Barbara and had a great time doing just this. Stayed at the Sandman Inn (www.thesandmaninn.com).So inexpensive and very quaint and cozy as well.

  4. Oh what an adorable blog post! Running that blvd is awesome at sunset or even sunrise if you're an early riser like me. No one is out and no one to get in your way! The Cabrillo Arts Pavillion is quite nice and the restaurant in the back that faces the beach has ice cream for days so when you're out lounging on a hot day that is for sure the place to be! My daughter used to play on the exact jungle gym whenever we took her down there during the summer many years back! Shame how fast they grow up. I miss Santa Barbara it has been far too long since I've last been. The South Coast Inn (www.goleta-hotel.com) is one of the best places to stay in my book. Classy and yet not too over priced!


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