The Easter-Egg Dilemma

My daughter decorated her first batch of Easter Eggs this past weekend, and she did a beautiful job (yes, the random uncolored splotches were actually deliberate).

But I didn't realize ahead of time that I should have incorporated them into our meals for the week. Of course, I made egg-salad sandwiches, and we also snacked on hard-boiled eggs here and there. But there wasn't a lot of culinary creativity in our Easter-egg meals.

What does your family do with dyed Easter eggs? Click on the comment link below and let me know!


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  1. My kids love eating their Easter eggs during the week and they look forward to picking out one to eat with/for dinner every night. We don't do anything special with them, but I feel good because eggs are healthy and have protein and I feel like it's one of the healthiest dinners that they like (I honestly feel so guilty everytime I give them chicken nuggets, mac & cheese and hot dogs, which is A LOT). We do "Brinner" or Breakfast for Dinner at least once a week and the kids love it!!


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