Corn Dogs, Aliens In Pacific Grove

My husband, daughter and I ventured out yesterday to Pacific Grove, Calif. The charming city, which sits next to Monterey, was hosting the Good Old Days Festival. And while there, we grooved to Latin music and watched karate kids break wooden blocks with their feet. We also admired art deco posters from one vendor, and did not get far before stopping to sample the homemade battered corn dogs offered at another.

Our daughter Bella, of course, waited all day to take a nap until we got to the festival. So, we didn't get to try out the kiddie rides. But we did get to watch people line up to throw baseballs as fast as they can to win inflatable aliens.

With my mother-in-law flying in to visit us today, perhaps we will head back to the festival to show her around Pacific Grove and let Bella enjoy the kiddie rides. Sorry aliens, we won't be coming back for you.


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